Building a Home from a Concrete Foundation

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are existent from any results at the end of daily life…

For best result, starting a new task after clearly accomplishing the one from yesterday.

Year 2013 on December 19th, it is the first and last year of this blog. Projects within one year will cover topics and materials of art, music, events, business, education, entrepreneurship, quantitative modeling, Indochina, politics, laws, ordinance, and stories. All relevant and significant postings will be updated twice a week starting January 11th, 2013. Every 6 updates I will post one written article if any significant results occur from relevant and irrelevant postings in variety of topics. This is how we can build a home from a solid foundation. There is a philosophy, “A man has talents to become a Great Father when there is patience to put in together every component he is missing.”Image


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