Building a Home from a Concrete Foundation

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are existent from any results at the end of daily life…


Pragmatism & Virtue is created to display a series of events that conclusions of facts can be drawn fairly without leaving other people behind.

Mathematical methods will be used to weight a large amount of data to generate results and variances. This allows us to show simple demonstrations of complex predictive modeling for correcting errors, failures, and misconducts. We will go through the numbers and events together. Once we understand any factors of variances, we will collect all resolutions to approach the facts or matters. Then we plan strategies for prospective success. We relate our professional skills to help us make fair and sound decisions

This mission is derived from Investment approach and many influential individuals. Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, Warrent Buffet, William J. Ruane, Walter J. Schloss, Chris Johnston and others are visible in the written articles from “the six-period posting” promise. We can max out our talents to use a sound intellectual investment framework that will fit in full array of life, skills and success development. And we entertain ourselves a notion of living to fullest  by having time for community, events, music, social activities and our true wildness. Fresh energy is always reserved for producing more effective and innovative creativity from daily observation.

We look forward to delivering valuable experience without wasting time.


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